Welcome to the Great Wisconsin Birdathon,

a spring fundraising campaign for the Bird Protection Fund.

The 2016 Birdathon is now underway and lasts until June 15, 2016.

This year our goal is to raise $70,000 for bird protection in Wisconsin

As of April 29, you have raised $34,087 through your Birdathon donations and participation in Bird Protection Fund field trips!

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Latest News:

You can do your Birdathon in your local park or natural area--or even in your own backyard!

Read the Wisconsin Natural Resources article for some stories from last year:

Welcome new Birdathon teams!

We love our returning and Signature Teams, but also want to extend a welcome to these brand-new Birdathoners;

Bird City Ferryville

Bird City Mequon

Feel the Berd

Fledgling Fowl

Schlitz Audubon Screech Owls

Up North Hammerheads

Walk in the Parks

Warbling on the Wiouwash

WSCB Bino Bird Hunters

The 2016 Signature Team line-up is final!

If you're not a birder, you can still support any of our teams, including our Signature Teams, the state's best-known birders who will visit the best known birding spots.

Download a Signature Team flyer here.

  • Madison Green Team (Sumner Matteson, Tod Highsmith) -- Birding Dane County by foot, bike, and kayak, they prove you don't need a car to find 149 species. They were the top Birdathon fundraisers in 2015.
  • Curlew and Screech (Al Shea, Randy Hoffman) -- As one of our two Big Day Teams in 2015, these guys astounded with 219 species! With a record of 230 species on their Big Days, these retired DNR denizens will return this year as a Signature Team, focusing on the Lower Wisconsin Riverway.
  • Secretary Birds (Tom Prestby, Quentin Yoerger, Mark Korducki)--Mark joins Tom and Quentin, the 2015 Big Day challengers from Cleopatra and the Stilts, who racked up 191 species last year. All are involved in bird data management and record keeping. They definitely have a height advantage in tall vegetation. They will search Door County and beyond!
  • Cutright's Old Coots (Carl Schwartz, Joan Sommer, Marilyn Bontly, Tom Uttech, Mike Wanger) -- Birding in honor of Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame member, ornithologist Noel Cutright, these old friends found 165 species last year, the second-highest of the non-Big Day teams. They will scour hotspots from Cedarburg Bog to Horicon Marsh.
  • Lower Chippewa River Titmouseketeers (Bill Hogseth, Steve Betchkal, Anne Geraghty) -- Bill is a DNR wildlife biologist, and videographer Steve is the author of All of This and Robins Too: A Guide to the 50 or So Best Places to Find Birds in Wisconsin. Both are veteran field trip leaders and are in their element when tracking down birds in and around the Lower Chippewa River Important Bird Area.
  • Motmotley Crew  (Bill Volkert, Mary Korkor) -- Captain Bill Volkert and first mate Mary Kokor will scour the Horicon Marsh for species. After several decades of living, breathing, and educating thousands of people about the Marsh, nobody is more adept at finding birds in this globally recognized wetland than Bill. Mary is WSO Development Director and Conservation Committee member and has accompanied Bill on some of his world travels.
  • Lake Superior eBird Team (Ryan Brady, Nick Anich, Alex Lehner) -- The eBirders found 161 species last year, all within 20 miles of Ashland. These DNR bird researchers are members of the Wisconsin eBird and Breeding Bird Atlas teams, so they will have all the latest bird sighting reports. Read their 2015 adventures here.
  • WSO Tessen Team (Tom and Wendy Schultz, Jeff Baughman, and Daryl Tessen) -- Coming in just behind the Old Coots with 163 species in 2015, these long-serving, award-winning members of the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology will attempt to take the lead this year by heading to White River Marsh and other Central Wisconsin sites.

Birdathon to support nine priority projects this year

A project to monitor mercury levels in common loons has been added to the list of Bird Protection Fund Priorities.

Click here to read summaries of the projects, or click on each photograph below to be directed to the project websites.

Your Birdathon donations will:

Protect endangered Kirtland's warblers in Wisconsin
Monitor hawks, owls, nightjars and marsh birds
Restore stopover habitat for migrating birds
Reintroduce Whooping Cranes to Eastern North America
Make Wisconsin towns bird-friendly
Document Wisconsin's birds in the Breeding Bird Atlas II
Protect bird wintering habitat in Costa Rica
Conserve Wisconsin's southern forests

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The John J. Frautschi Family Foundation and the Brookby Foundation

Photo credits: Child birding, Ryan Brady; Indigo Bunting, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and Summer Tanager, Jack Bartholmai; snipe hunting and Sandhill Cranes, D. Z. Johnson; Great-horned Owl,DZ Johnson; Yellowlegs, Wisconsin DNR; Nick Anich, Ryan Brady; Sumner Matteson, Tod Highsmith; Lincoln Birder, Lorie Solchenberger; Cleopatra & the Stilts, Emily Meier; Short-eared Owl, Dennis Malueg; Kirtland's Warbler, Robert Royse; southern forests, Mike Mossman; stopover habitat, Luke Wuest; Osa peninsula, Rick Stanley; Whooping Cranes, Operation Migration.

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