Help us reach our goal of $70,000

$56,848 raised,   $13,152 to go!

 66 Teams, 166 birders, 255 species
$56,000 for bird protection in Wisconsin!
 View an interactive Google Map of our teams and add your own:
Our Signature Teams raised $20,000!
The Madison Green Team found 149 species and raised $7,500--all on foot or by bike or kayak. Who says you need a car to bird?

Top Five Fundraisers

Madison Green Team  $7,474
Cutright's Old Coots  $6,535
The Long Walk For Birds 2015  $4,759
Lake Superior eBirders  $4,560
Finch Gang  $2,691
Top Five Species Tallies
Muirland Merlins  166
Arctic Adventurers  165
Cutright's Old Coots  165
WSO Signature Team  163
Lake Superior eBirders  161

The Lincoln Birders saw 39 species, taught bird/environmental games to rest of the school on Birdathon game day, and collected $94 in their penny jar. We're inspired by these fledgeling bird conservationists!
 It was a Big Day of marathon birding and tweeting for teams Curlew & Screech and Cleopatra and the Stilts. With the duo finding more species and the trio raising more funds, the birds were the real winners that day.
Read the whole storify play-by-play!
 It's never too late to donate!

Your Birdathon donations will:

Protect endangered Kirtland's warblers in Wisconsin
Monitor hawks, owls, nightjars and marsh birds
Restore stopover habitat for migrating birds
Reintroduce Whooping Cranes to Eastern North America
Make Wisconsin towns bird-friendly
Document Wisconsin's birds in the Breeding Bird Atlas II
Protect bird wintering habitat in Costa Rica
Conserve Wisconsin's southern forests

Great Wisconsin Birdathon Partners

Great Wisconsin Birdathon Sponsoring Organizations


The Derse Foundation, the John J. Frautschi Family Foundation, 
the Brookby Foundation
Photo credits: Child birding, Ryan Brady; Indigo Bunting, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and Summer Tanager, Jack Bartholmai; snipe hunting and Sandhill Cranes, D. Z. Johnson; Great-horned Owl,DZ Johnson; Yellowlegs, Wisconsin DNR; Nick Anich, Ryan Brady; Sumner Matteson, Tod Highsmith; Lincoln Birder, Lorie Solchenberger; Cleopatra & the Stilts, Emily Meier; Short-eared Owl, Dennis Malueg; Kirtland's Warbler, Robert Royse; southern forests, Mike Mossman; stopover habitat, Luke Wuest; Osa peninsula, Rick Stanley; Whooping Cranes, Operation Migration.

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