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Welcome to the Great Wisconsin Birdathon!

We believe that birds are valuable and need our help.

With your help we've raised more than $300,000 for bird protection in Wisconsin since 2012!

The Great Wisconsin Birdathon engages individuals and communities in a walkathon-style fundraiser to raise support and awareness for birds in Wisconsin.

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Birdathon 2017 Highlights

Top Teams -- Funds raised

Cutrights Old Coots: $10,351

Indigo Girls & Guys: $9,500

Lake Superior eBirders: $6,300

Lower Wisconsin Scan da Avians: $5,350

River Raptors: $3,611

Top Teams -- Percent of Goal

Thunderbirds are Go! 328%

Baraboo Rangers 300%

Goss Hawks 260%

Obi Gray and the Chewbacalacas 230%

Town of Rome Birders 171%

Top team names

Lower Wisconsin Scan da Avians

Presidential rEgrets

Millennial Falcons

Goss Hawks

Gone Pishin'

Presidential rEgrets, biking around Dane County to raise funds for Madison Audubon Society

Stories from the field:

Birding Bonanza field trip

Cutright's Old Coots

Finch Gang

Lake Superior eBirders

Lower Chippewa River Titmouseketeers

Lower Wisconsin Scan da Avians

Obi Gray and the Chewbacalacas

Prairie Pipers

Presidential rEgrets

River Raptors - Kinnickinnic River

River Raptors - West Twin River

Wisconsin Young Birders' Club Teen Birders

2017 Signature Team Lineup:

Signature Teams are our leaders in birding and fundraising. All their earnings go to the Bird Protection Fund.

Cutrights Old Coots (Carl Schwartz, Marilyn Bontly, Mike Wanger, Joan Sommer, Tom Uttech) - Last year's top fundraisers have set their goal at $10,000!

Finch Gang (Karen Etter Hale, Clare Carlson, Matt Carlson, Eric Mosher, Sandy River, Bradley Webb, Charley Roberts) - Named for the infamous horse thieves of 19th century Jefferson County, the gang gets REALLY serious this year.

Lake Superior eBirders (Ryan Brady, Nick Anich, Erik Bruhnke) - This year professional birding guide Erik Bruhnke joins Ryan and Nick in the northern forests and shores.

Lower Wisconsin Scan da Avians (Barb & Jeb Barzen, Arlyne Johnson, Mike Hedemark) - Hardy descendants of northern birders have staked out the best territory in the state.

Secretary Birds (Tom Prestby, Quentin Yoerger, Mark Korducki) - Last year's top birders found 192 species! Can they top that this year?

WYBC Teen Birders (Ryan Treves, Michael Gray, Josh Collum, Ben Marn) - Our youngest Signature Team brings their considerable enthusiasm, energy, and expertise to the cause.


River Raptors Teams Launch

A new fleet of "green" birders launched this year, counting birds by canoe and kayak along rivers across the state, with the goal of raising $4,000 for bird conservation. Eight teams of Wisconsin's best-known conservationists will be hitting the waters from the Kinnickinnic to the West Twin, and from the Manitowish to the Rock. The first ones out were the Fox River Falcons (Daryl Christensen, Karen Weiss, Mark and Kari Stauffer) on the Fox and Grand Rivers, soon to be followed by:

  • Sumner Matteson, bird biologist for DNR’s Natural Heritage Conservation Program, and community organizer Nina Utne on the Kinnickinnic River in western Wisconsin.
  • Sumner and Woodland Dunes communication and development coordinator, Nancy Nabak, onthe West Twin River in northeastern Wisconsin.
  • DNR biologists Andy Paulios and Cassandra Young on the lower Sugar River.
  • DNR avian ecologist Kim Grveles and retired trucker Cherie Barnes on the Rock River.
  • Writer and naturalist John Bates and friend on the Manitowish River.
  • Conservationist Charlie Luthin and Leopold biographer and crane advocate, Curt Meine on the lower Wisconsin River.
  • Research scientist Robert Rolley with wife and conservationist Karen Mesmer on the Baraboo River.
  • Thanks to team sponsor Rutabaga Paddlesports, LLC, for the donation of a kayak to the cause!

    Thanks to our 2017 Great Wisconsin Birdathon Sponsors!

    Team sponsors:

    Rutabaga Paddlesports - River Raptors

    Holliday Shopping Center True Value - Muirland Merlins

    Firefly Coffeehouse - Oregon Juncos

    Oregon Farm Center - Oregon Juncos

    Your Birdathon donations will:

    Protect endangered Kirtland's warblers in Wisconsin
    Monitor hawks, owls, nightjars and marsh birds
    Restore stopover habitat for migrating birds
    Reintroduce Whooping Cranes to Eastern North America
    Make Wisconsin towns bird-friendly
    Document Wisconsin's birds in the Breeding Bird Atlas II
    Protect bird wintering habitat in Costa Rica
    Conserve Wisconsin's southern forests

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