Welcome to the Great Wisconsin Birdathon,

a spring fundraising campaign for the Bird Protection Fund.

Thanks to our 2017 sponsoring organizations:


See a bird, save a bird

Count birds to raise funds for bird protection in Wisconsin

More than $200,000 raised since 2012!

What is a Birdathon? It's like a walk-a-thon with birds!

Collect pledges and donations for finding as many bird species as possible, any day from April 15 - June 15.

You can bird anywhere, even your back yard or local park.

Whether you're a novice or expert birder, you can make a difference!

Funds go to support the eight Bird Protection Fund priority projects.


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You can also use the Great Wisconsin Birdathon to fundraise for your own environmental organization!

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Lincoln Birders raising funds for Madison Audubon Society as they learn about birds


Your organization, foundation, or corporation can sponsor the Great Wisconsin Birdathon!

Even better, send your employees or members out with one of our teams!

Our sponsorship document explains the sponsorship levels and benefits.

Foundation Flamingos mascot Ely


Not a birder? You can still support the campaign!

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Latest News:

Welcome new Birdathon teams!

WYBC Teen Birders (Signature Team)

Chickadee Chicks (Winnebago Audubon)

Backpacking Birders

Bird Protection Fund disburses $60,000 from GWB 2016 to priority projects

$7,500 to the Wisconsin Bird Monitoring Program, for personnel to monitor marsh birds, raptors, nightjars, and more.

$11,100 to Bird City Wisconsin for programs in its 99 communities.

$6,500 to the Wisconsin Stopover Initiative for programs supporting migratory bird stopover habitat protection.

$4,650 to the Wisconsin Kirtland's Warbler Project for personnel to monitor warbler nests.

$9,300 for interns in the Whooping Crane Reintroduction Program .

$6,000 for personnel in the Important Bird Areas-Southern Forests & Greater Prairie Chicken programs.

$4,650 for the education program "Aula Verde" in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica

$8,900 for personnel to conduct surveys for the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II.

 $12,000 was also disbursed to organizations participating in the Great Wisconsin Birdathon.

Read the Great Wisconsin Birdathon 2016 report, and updates from the priority projects.

We are sorry to report that the Common Loon mercury monitoring project was discontinued.

Feel the Berd raising funds for Madison Audubon Society, $0.27 at a time.

Your Birdathon donations will:

Protect endangered Kirtland's warblers in Wisconsin
Monitor hawks, owls, nightjars and marsh birds
Restore stopover habitat for migrating birds
Reintroduce Whooping Cranes to Eastern North America
Make Wisconsin towns bird-friendly
Document Wisconsin's birds in the Breeding Bird Atlas II
Protect bird wintering habitat in Costa Rica
Conserve Wisconsin's southern forests

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