Need birding area ideas? Have plans to visit and want to know the best trails to explore? The DNR partnered with Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative to create the Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail guide set (download .pdfs below). Hard copies can be ordered through Travel Wisconsin.
  • Southern Savanna Region
  • Central Sands Prairie Region
  • Lake Michigan Region
  • Lake Superior/Northwoods Region
  • Mississippi/Chippewa Region
  • Also check out the Wisconsin Birding Hotspots on eBird, either through their interactive map or through the Wisconsin eBird Portal with its Hotspot of the Month feature.


    Birders with smart phones love birding apps--it's like carrying a backpack full of field guides, but all in the palm of your hand. The choices of apps are as varied as the birders who use them. An informal survey of Wisconsin birders shows that birders tend to have several apps on their phones. iBird, Sibley, and Audubon are the most popular for IDing birds. For bird songs, Wisconsin birders like Merlin and Larkwire. Generally, birders prefer the app that corresponds to their favorite field guide: Sibley, Audubon, or National Geographic. For those who want to keep lists and add their observations directly to eBird, BirdLog is convenient. Cost can be a factor, since a paid app may be up to $20. However, iBird and Sibley both have "lite" versions that are free so you can try them out before buying them. The bird song app Merlin is also free. If you'd like tips or reviews before you try or buy, we've compiled a list of short reviews by birding experts:
    For pros and cons of the most popular apps, check out this blog post by The Nature Conservancy's Tim Boucher
    For a concise list of each app's features alongside a screenshot and a few video introductions, see Birdwatching Bliss
    For recommendations for beginning, intermediate, and advanced birders, see the Bird Chick, a Minnesota expert with 25 apps on her devices
    For bird songs and other specialty apps, see the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.