The Goss Hawks (Benjamin F. Goss Bird Club) -- Tim Hahn

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I hope to see 150 bird species.
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Welcome to my Great Wisconsin Birdathon page! I'm excited to participate in this statewide effort to raise $75,000 for bird conservation.

Between April 15 and June 15 I will spend all or part of a day finding as many bird species as possible. On the left side of this page is the number of bird species I hope to see, and my personal fundraising goal is below.

To help me reach this goal, please pledge an AMOUNT PER SPECIES OBSERVED or donate a SET AMOUNT regardless of my species tally.

Your donation will support eight statewide bird conservation projects, including Bird City Wisconsin, Important Bird Areas, the Wisconsin Stopover Initiative, Wisconsin Bird Monitoring Program, the 2nd Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas, reforestation work in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, and the recovery of two of North America’s most endangered birds – whooping cranes and Kirtland’s warblers.

Thank you!

My fundraising goal: $100

$0 raised so far   $100 to go!

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