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Finch Gang 2016 Eric Mosher, Clare & Matt Carlson, Brad Webb, Sandy River, Marcus Brown, Karen Etter Hale, Charley Roberts

The Finch Gang Rides Again - Great Wisconsin Birdathon 2017

WARNING: The notorious Finch Gang will be riding again this year. We will be out trying to round up more than our record 105 species, all in one small corner of Jefferson County. Please support our team by donating or pledgingany amount.

It’s all for the birds, because Birds Matter.

Many crack teams will be out competing this May, but the Finch Gang is up to the task. Members include Karen Etter Hale, leader of the gang; Brad Webb, co-founder of the Jefferson-Dodge Bird Walks; Matt and Clare Carlson, co-founders of the Friends of Glacial Heritage Area, Charley Roberts, Sandy River and Eric Mosher. More about each of these disreputable characters will be on their individual team pages soon.

Once again, the plan is to focus on northwest Jefferson County, especially Zeloski Marsh. Known historically as London Marsh, it's where the notorious Finch Brothers, along with the horses they stole, hid from the law back in the mid-1800s - or so they say. The history of the Fighting Finches, stories compiled in 1937 for the Folklore Section of the Federal Writers’ Project of the WPA (Works Progress Administration), can be found at

All money raised will go to the Bird Protection Fund for very important statewide bird conservation. If you would like a copy of our 2016 report, please contact Karen at

Thank you for supporting our efforts to make a difference to birds. It seems the least we can do in return for the great joy they provide us!

The Finch Gang

Our fundraising goal: $3,000

$485 raised so far   $2,515 to go!