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The Lake Superior eBirders -- Ryan Brady, Nick Anich, and Erik Bruhnke -- going above and beyond for birds!

Thanks for visiting the Lake Superior eBirders' Great Wisconsin Birdathon page! We are proud to again represent Chequamegon Bay, Lake Superior, the North Woods, and all that is great about northern Wisconsin in this year's event. We're also proud to have ranked third in fundraising during the 2016 birdathon, when we found Loggerhead Shrike, Yellow Rail, and Kirtland's Warbler among 158 species for the day. With your help we hope to do even better this year!

Read about our 2015 adventures here.

During late May our team will spend most of a 24-hour period observing as many bird species as possible. You can help us and the birds by pledging an amount PER SPECIES seen or a FLAT AMOUNT regardless of our species tally. We are aiming to see at least 150 species.

Through the Bird Protection Fund, your pledge will support statewide projects such as Bird City Wisconsin and Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II, conservation work on Kirtland’s Warblers and Whooping Cranes, protection of migratory stopover habitat, and other efforts to protect the year-round needs of Wisconsin's birds.

Our 2017 team consists of Ryan Brady, Nick Anich, and Erik Bruhnke. Ryan and Nick are both DNR bird researchers in Ashland, lead members of the Wisconsin eBird team, and coordinators of the current Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas project. Erik is originally from Waukesha, a graduate of Northland College in Ashland, former hawk counter and naturalist at various U.S. locations, and currently a birding guide for Victor Emanuel Nature Tours and his self-owned business, Naturally Avian.

Our route will mimic our previous birdathon efforts in which we have tallied ~155 species, tapping into the exceptional diversity of habitats and birds the Chequamegon Bay area has to offer. We'll scour waters and sandbars of Chequamegon Bay for ducks, shorebirds, and terns; inland fields and wetlands for meadowlarks, bobolinks, and bitterns; pine barrens for whip-poor-wills, thrashers, and crossbills; woodlands for warblers, thrushes, and vireos; Lake Superior for loons, grebes, and gulls; towns for nighthawks, swifts, and martins; and.... just about everywhere in between. Who knows what goodies we'll find this year!

Please donate today. With funding for non-game birds and their habitats in dire need of help, we thank you for supporting our team, the Great Wisconsin Birdathon, and the conservation of our feathered friends.

Our fundraising goal: $6,500

$6,407 raised so far   $93 to go!

Birds of the north woods!