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Dave Drapac, Matt Kreuger, Caleb Pourchot, and Paul Noeldner out raising money for the berds.

Last year we were Feelin' the Berd, but this year we're having Presidential rEgrets. That's not going to stop us from helping to raise $75,000 for bird conservation in Wisconsin, and we hope you will be one of the millions of fans that help us reach our team goal of $3,000.

On May 16th, we'll be launching our Pro-Migration platform and setting off in the wee hours to find out how many species of birds we can identify in one day. Our multitude of pre-existing conditions won't stop us from biking our way around our fair bird-sanctuary city catching glipses of some bad bird hombres from Mexico, Central and South America as they make their way to the soft woods of Canda.

Don't be fooled by those other FAKE birding teams (sad). You want to support a winner - and that's us.

Your pledge of 25, 50, or more cents for every bird species we see will help provide safe, legal habitat for our migrating bird friends here in Wisconsin.

Thank you (bigly) for supporting our team, and for helping our state's birds! 

Our fundraising goal: $3,000

$3,233 raised so far   CONGRATULATIONS!