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Welcome to our Great Wisconsin Birdathon Team Page! We're helping to raise $75,000 for bird conservation in Wisconsin, and we hope you will help us reach our team goal.

Between April 15 and June 15, we will spend all or part of a day finding as many bird species as possible. You can donate a set amount to our team, or pledge an amount per species that we see.

Your donation or pledge supports the Bird Protection Fund and state-wide projects that protect the year-round migrating, breeding, and wintering needs of Wisconsin's birds. Your donation also supports educational school and family programs and activities sponsored by Winnebago Audubon Society in our local area. All donations and pledges are tax-deductible.

If you would like to make a per-species pledge, rather than a single donation to our whole team, please pledge to the team captain's page.

Thanks for supporting our team, and for helping our state's birds! 


Thanks to Evelyn Meuret, Mary Rebman, Kris Kauth, Donna VanBuecken, Pat Nichols, Maureen Muldoon, Todd Cummings, Michelle Rosenberg/Jody Cleveland.

Our fundraising goal: $400

$48 raised so far   $352 to go!