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Welcome to the Lower Wisconsin Scan da Avians' team page, don't ya know.  We are all born-and-raised Minnesotans who are very happily transplanted in Spring Green. Three-fourths of us are professional ornithologists, and Mike & Arlyne have racked up 4,016 birds on their life list(!) from all their international work and travels. We have put Cutright's Old Coots and The Finch Gang on notice that we are aiming to out-raise and out-bird them.  So if you can, please help us blow way past our modest goal (we really are Scandinavians) of raising $4,000.     

During the first half of May, we will spend a day scouring the Lower Wisconsin Riverway to find as many of bird species as possible. You can donate a set amount to our team, or pledge an amount per species that we see. We will likely see 130-140 species. 

Your donation or pledge supports the Bird Protection Fund and statewide projects that protect the year-round migrating, breeding, and wintering needs of Wisconsin's birds. All donations and pledges are tax-deductible.

If you would like to make a per-species pledge, rather than a single donation to our whole team, please pledge to an individual team member's page.

Thank you for supporting our team, and for helping our state's birds! 

Our fundraising goal: $4,000

$2,225 raised so far   $1,775 to go!