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We counted 68 species on Saturday May 6th!

Our day started searching around the Weigands Point area on Lake Wisconsin.  The Sauk Prairie Recreation Area includes land on Lake Wisconsin formerly used as a pumping station for process water.   We were fortunate enough to see the American White Pelican searching for food before continuing on their migration to breeding grounds northwest of here.

After that we spent the rest of our day searching on land inside the fence of the former Badger Army Ammo Plant.

We counted 10 species of Sparrows including Henslow's, Savannah, and Swamp Sparrows.

We counted 6 species of Warblers including Nashville, Orange-crowned, and Blue-winged Warblers.

One of the ponds located at the base of the Baraboo Bluffs provided us with quite a bit of excitement.  We spotted a Sandhill Crane sitting rock still on her nest with neck and head laying flat on the ground!  Close by was a Great Blue Heron and a Pied-billed Grebe.  Off in another direction was a Canada Goose family with 4 fuzzball goslings.  Overhead flew a mature Bald Eagle.  And then the coup de gras - a Sora called!

We attribute our success to the wide variety of habitat available in this conservation area.  The woodlands of the Baraboo Bluffs open up to majestic prairie grassland creating a unique and rare transitional area.

In 2003, biologists with the Wisconsin DNR found that these lands provide habitat for 97 confirmed or probable breeding bird species, of which 21 are grassland and shrubland dependent.

Since 1990, Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger ( has demanded that the US Army perform a complete and comprehensive cleanup of the former Badger Army Ammo lands to ensure future generations will not be burdened with the legacy of pollution from Badger.

Your donation or pledge supports the Bird Protection Fund and state-wide projects that protect the year-round migrating, breeding, and wintering needs of Wisconsin's birds. All donations and pledges are tax-deductible.

Thanks for supporting the Prairie Pipers team, and for helping our state's birds! 

Our fundraising goal: $250

$370 raised so far   CONGRATULATIONS!

Barn Swallow

Red-headed Woodpecker

Yellow Warbler

Song Sparrow

Canadian Geese with goslings

Cardinal at Thoelke Cemetery

Turkey Vulture